About the BVdb

The Bibliome Variant Database (BVdb) is an automatically generated compendium of genetic variants mined from open access literature. The BVdb is designed to facilitate variant curation and classification. No login is required for use of the site and users can easily search the BVdb for all references describing variants in a given gene, as well as all references describing a given variant.

The BVdb browser was designed to mirror that of popular allele frequency databases which display data in an easy-to-use format ordered by chromosome and position. Users can search the database using HGNC nomenclature, rsIDs, as well as by genomic position.

Identifying references describing specific genetic variants is time consuming and often represents a bottleneck in variant interpretation. Use of the BVdb can enable faster and more efficient interpretation of genetic variants by simplifying and reducing the time required to gather references describing a variant of interest.

Please send any comments or questions about the site to samuel.baker@pennmedicine.upenn.edu - please include bibliome.ai in the subject.