PCSK9 c.713A>C ;(p.D238A)

Variant ID: 1-55052705-A-C


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Identification of a small peptide that inhibits PCSK9 protein binding to the low density lipoprotein receptor.

The Journal Of Biological Chemistry
Zhang, Yingnan Y; Eigenbrot, Charles C; Zhou, Lijuan L; Shia, Steven S; Li, Wei W; Quan, Clifford C; Tom, Jeffrey J; Moran, Paul P; Di Lello, Paola P; Skelton, Nicholas J NJ; Kong-Beltran, Monica M; Peterson, Andrew A; Kirchhofer, Daniel D
Publication Date: 2014-01-10

Variant appearance in text: PCSK9: D238A
PubMed Link: 24225950
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