PMID: 35256607

Evolutionary history of the p53 family DNA-binding domain: insights from an Alvinella pompejana homolog.

Cell death & disease
Zhang, Qiang Q, Balourdas, Dimitrios-Ilias DI, Baron, Bruno B, Senitzki, Alon A, Haran, Tali E TE, Wiman, Klas G KG, Soussi, Thierry T, Joerger, Andreas C AC

12 variants were identified in this publication

Variant ID Gene cDNA Protein Consequence Exon Intron
17-7577574-T-A TP53 c.707A>T p.Y236F Missense 7/11 -
17-7577566-T-A TP53 c.715A>T p.N239Y Missense 7/11 -
17-7578533-T-G TP53 c.397A>C p.M133L Missense 5/11 -
17-7578533-T-A TP53 c.397A>T p.M133L Missense 5/11 -
17-7577523-G-A TP53 c.758C>T p.T253I Missense 7/11 -
17-7577518-T-A TP53 c.763A>T p.I255F Missense 7/11 -
17-7577130-A-G TP53 c.808T>C p.F270L Missense 8/11 -
17-7577128-A-T TP53 c.810T>A p.F270L Missense 8/11 -
17-7577128-A-C TP53 c.810T>G p.F270L Missense 8/11 -
17-7578189-A-T TP53 c.660T>A p.Y220* Nonsense 6/11 -
17-7577130-A-C TP53 c.808T>G p.F270V Missense 8/11 -
17-7578189-A-C TP53 c.660T>G p.Y220* Nonsense 6/11 -