PMID: 35405783

[Analysis of clinical significance and prognostic impact of TET2 single nucleotide polymorphism I1762V in patients with acute myeloid leukemia].

Zhonghua xue ye xue za zhi = Zhonghua xueyexue zazhi
Li, Y W YW, Guo, Z Z, Wang, L L LL, Zhou, L L, Lyu, X D XD, Song, Y P YP

11 variants were identified in this publication

Variant ID Gene cDNA Protein Consequence Exon Intron
17-7579472-G-T TP53 c.215C>A p.P72H Missense 4/11 -
4-106196951-A-G TET2 c.5284A>G p.I1762V Missense 11/11 -
4-106155185-C-G TET2 c.86C>G p.P29R Missense 3/11 -
X-76937963-G-C ATRX c.2785C>G p.Q929E Missense 9/35 -
X-76937963-G-T ATRX c.2785C>A p.Q929K Missense 9/35 -
4-106190862-T-C TET2 c.4140T>C p.H1380= Synonymous 9/11 -
18-42532693-C-A SETBP1 c.3388C>A p.P1130T Missense 4/6 -
18-42532606-G-A SETBP1 c.3301G>A p.V1101I Missense 4/6 -
4-106190862-T-A TET2 c.4140T>A p.H1380Q Missense 9/11 -
18-42532693-C-G SETBP1 c.3388C>G p.P1130A Missense 4/6 -
4-106155185-C-T TET2 c.86C>T p.P29L Missense 3/11 -