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The effect of pH dependence of antibody-antigen interactions on subcellular trafficking dynamics.

Devanaboyina, Siva Charan SC; Lynch, Sandra M SM; Ober, Raimund J RJ; Ram, Sripad S; Kim, Dongyoung D; Puig-Canto, Alberto A; Breen, Shannon S; Kasturirangan, Srinath S; Fowler, Susan S; Peng, Li L; Zhong, Haihong H; Jermutus, Lutz L; Wu, Herren H; Webster, Carl C; Ward, E Sally ES; Gao, Changshou C
Publication Date: 2013

Variant appearance in text: PCSK9: Leu137Glu
PubMed Link: 24492341
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