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Laryngeal Compartmentalization Does Not Affect the Prognosis of T3-T4 Laryngeal Cancer Treated by Upfront Total Laryngectomy.

Marchi, Filippo F; Missale, Francesco F; Sampieri, Claudio C; Filauro, Marta M; Iandelli, Andrea A; Parrinello, Giampiero G; Incandela, Fabiola F; Smeele, Ludwig E LE; van den Brekel, Michiel W M MWM; Del Bon, Francesca F; Nicolai, Piero P; Piazza, Cesare C; Peretti, Giorgio G
Publication Date: 2020-08-11

Variant appearance in text: rs12082241
PubMed Link: 32796540
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