Variant ID: 1-55521836-CTC-ATG


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APOB CRISPR-Cas9 Engineering in Hypobetalipoproteinemia: A Promising Tool for Functional Studies of Novel Variants.

International Journal Of Molecular Sciences
Vanhoye, Xavier X; Janin, Alexandre A; Caillaud, Amandine A; Rimbert, Antoine A; Venet, Fabienne F; Gossez, Morgane M; Dijk, Wieneke W; Marmontel, Oriane O; Nony, Séverine S; Chatelain, Charlotte C; Durand, Christine C; Lindenbaum, Pierre P; Rieusset, Jennifer J; Cariou, Bertrand B; Moulin, Philippe P; Di Filippo, Mathilde M
Publication Date: 2022-04-13

Variant appearance in text: PCSK9: L324M
PubMed Link: 35457099
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