Variant ID: 1-55527110-C-T


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Incidentalome from Genomic Sequencing: A Barrier to Personalized Medicine?

Jamuar, Saumya Shekhar SS; Kuan, Jyn Ling JL; Brett, Maggie M; Tiang, Zenia Z; Tan, Wilson Lek Wen WL; Lim, Jiin Ying JY; Liew, Wendy Kein Meng WK; Javed, Asif A; Liew, Woei Kang WK; Law, Hai Yang HY; Tan, Ee Shien ES; Lai, Angeline A; Ng, Ivy I; Teo, Yik Ying YY; Venkatesh, Byrappa B; Reversade, Bruno B; Tan, Ene Choo EC; Foo, Roger R
Publication Date: 2016-03

Variant appearance in text: rs373323910
PubMed Link: 27077130
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