BRCA2 c.264G>C ;(p.L88=)

Variant ID: 13-32893410-G-C


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mTOR Signaling and SREBP Activity Increase FADS2 Expression and Can Activate Sapienate Biosynthesis.

Cell Reports
Triki, Mouna M; Rinaldi, Gianmarco G; Planque, Melanie M; Broekaert, Dorien D; Winkelkotte, Alina M AM; Maier, Carina R CR; Janaki Raman, Sudha S; Vandekeere, Anke A; Van Elsen, Joke J; Orth, Martin F MF; Grünewald, Thomas G P TGP; Schulze, Almut A; Fendt, Sarah-Maria SM
Publication Date: 2020-06-23

Variant appearance in text: BRCA2: L88L
PubMed Link: 32579932
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  • mmc5.xlsx, sheet 3
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Increased frequency of germline BRCA2 mutations associates with prostate cancer metastasis in a racially diverse patient population.

Prostate Cancer And Prostatic Diseases
Petrovics, Gyorgy G; Price, Douglas K DK; Lou, Hong H; Chen, Yongmei Y; Garland, Lisa L; Bass, Sara S; Jones, Kristine K; Kohaar, Indu I; Ali, Amina A; Ravindranath, Lakshmi L; Young, Denise D; Cullen, Jennifer J; Dorsey, Tiffany H TH; Sesterhenn, Isabell A IA; Brassell, Stephen A SA; Rosner, Inger L IL; Ross, Doug D; Dahut, William W; Ambs, Stefan S; Figg, William Douglas WD; Srivastava, Shiv S; Dean, Michael M
Publication Date: 2019-09

Variant appearance in text: BRCA2: Leu88Leu
PubMed Link: 30542053
Variant Present in the following documents:
  • 41391_2018_114_MOESM1_ESM.xlsx, sheet 1
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