BRCA2 c.488_489del ;(p.S163Ifs*19)

Variant ID: 13-32900391-AGT-A


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Whole-exome Sequencing of Nigerian Prostate Tumors from the Prostate Cancer Transatlantic Consortium (CaPTC) Reveals DNA Repair Genes Associated with African Ancestry.

Cancer Research Communications
White, Jason A JA; Kaninjing, Ernest T ET; Adeniji, Kayode A KA; Jibrin, Paul P; Obafunwa, John O JO; Ogo, Chidiebere N CN; Mohammed, Faruk F; Popoola, Ademola A; Fatiregun, Omolara A OA; Oluwole, Olabode P OP; Karanam, Balasubramanyam B; Elhussin, Isra I; Ambs, Stefan S; Tang, Wei W; Davis, Melissa M; Polak, Paz P; Campbell, Moray J MJ; Brignole, Kathryn R KR; Rotimi, Solomon O SO; Dean-Colomb, Windy W; Odedina, Folake T FT; Martin, Damali N DN; Yates, Clayton C
Publication Date: 2022-09

Variant appearance in text: BRCA2: 488_489del; Ser163fs; rs397507747
PubMed Link: 36922933
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  • crc-22-0136-s01.xlsx, sheet 1
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Network expansion of genetic associations defines a pleiotropy map of human cell biology.

Nature Genetics
Barrio-Hernandez, Inigo I; Schwartzentruber, Jeremy J; Shrivastava, Anjali A; Del-Toro, Noemi N; Gonzalez, Asier A; Zhang, Qian Q; Mountjoy, Edward E; Suveges, Daniel D; Ochoa, David D; Ghoussaini, Maya M; Bradley, Glyn G; Hermjakob, Henning H; Orchard, Sandra S; Dunham, Ian I; Anderson, Carl A CA; Porras, Pablo P; Beltrao, Pedro P
Publication Date: 2023-02-23

Variant appearance in text: BRCA2: 488_489del; Ser163fs
PubMed Link: 36823319
Variant Present in the following documents:
  • 41588_2023_1327_MOESM4_ESM.xlsx, sheet 6
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A computational and structural analysis of germline and somatic variants affecting the DDR mechanism, and their impact on human diseases.

Scientific Reports
Magraner-Pardo, Lorena L; Laskowski, Roman A RA; Pons, Tirso T; Thornton, Janet M JM
Publication Date: 2021-07-12

Variant appearance in text: BRCA2: 488_489delGT; S163fs; rs397507747
PubMed Link: 34253785
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  • 41598_2021_93715_MOESM2_ESM.xlsx, sheet 7
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An entire exon 3 germ-line rearrangement in the BRCA2 gene: pathogenic relevance of exon 3 deletion in breast cancer predisposition.

Bmc Medical Genetics
Muller, Danièle D; Rouleau, Etienne E; Schultz, Inès I; Caputo, Sandrine S; Lefol, Cédrick C; Bièche, Ivan I; Caron, Olivier O; Noguès, Catherine C; Limacher, Jean Marc JM; Demange, Liliane L; Lidereau, Rosette R; Fricker, Jean Pierre JP; Abecassis, Joseph J
Publication Date: 2011-09-22

Variant appearance in text: BRCA2: 488_489del; Ser163IlefsX19
PubMed Link: 21939546
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  • 1471-2350-12-121.pdf
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