BRCA2 c.681+97_681+98del

Variant ID: 13-32903724-CTG-C


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Next-generation sequencing for the diagnosis of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer using genomic capture targeting multiple candidate genes.

European Journal Of Human Genetics : Ejhg
Castéra, Laurent L; Krieger, Sophie S; Rousselin, Antoine A; Legros, Angélina A; Baumann, Jean-Jacques JJ; Bruet, Olivia O; Brault, Baptiste B; Fouillet, Robin R; Goardon, Nicolas N; Letac, Olivier O; Baert-Desurmont, Stéphanie S; Tinat, Julie J; Bera, Odile O; Dugast, Catherine C; Berthet, Pascaline P; Polycarpe, Florence F; Layet, Valérie V; Hardouin, Agnes A; Frébourg, Thierry T; Vaur, Dominique D
Publication Date: 2014-11

Variant appearance in text: BRCA2: 681+97_681+98del
PubMed Link: 24549055
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