Variant ID: 19-11231164-G-A


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Polygenic Contribution to Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels and Cardiovascular Risk in Monogenic Familial Hypercholesterolemia.

Circulation. Genomic And Precision Medicine
Trinder, Mark M; Paquette, Martine M; Cermakova, Lubomira L; Ban, Matthew R MR; Hegele, Robert A RA; Baass, Alexis A; Brunham, Liam R LR
Publication Date: 2020-10

Variant appearance in text: rs140731590
PubMed Link: 33079599
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Global molecular analysis and APOE mutations in a cohort of autosomal dominant hypercholesterolemia patients in France.

Journal Of Lipid Research
Wintjens, René R; Bozon, Dominique D; Belabbas, Khaldia K; MBou, Félicien F; Girardet, Jean-Philippe JP; Tounian, Patrick P; Jolly, Mathilde M; Boccara, Franck F; Cohen, Ariel A; Karsenty, Alexandra A; Dubern, Béatrice B; Carel, Jean-Claude JC; Azar-Kolakez, Ahlam A; Feillet, François F; Labarthe, François F; Gorsky, Anne-Marie Colin AM; Horovitz, Alice A; Tamarindi, Catherine C; Kieffer, Pierre P; Lienhardt, Anne A; Lascols, Olivier O; Di Filippo, Mathilde M; Dufernez, Fabienne F
Publication Date: 2016-03

Variant appearance in text: LDLR: 2106G>A; Met702Ile
PubMed Link: 26802169
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