BRAF c.2251C>A ;(p.P751T)

Variant ID: 7-140434447-G-T


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Comprehensive next-generation profiling of clonal hematopoiesis in cancer patients using paired tumor-blood sequencing for guiding personalized therapies.

Clinical And Translational Medicine
Li, Ziyang Z; Huang, Wensou W; Yin, Jiani C JC; Na, Chenglong C; Wu, Xue X; Shao, Yang Y; Ding, Huaxin H; Li, Jinming J
Publication Date: 2020-11

Variant appearance in text: BRAF: 2251C>A; P751T
PubMed Link: 33252848
Variant Present in the following documents:
  • CTM2-10-e222-s003.xlsx, sheet 1
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