BRAF c.2250del ;(p.P751Qfs*21)

Variant ID: 7-140434448-GA-G


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Plasmid-Based Materials as Multiplex Quality Controls and Calibrators for Clinical Next-Generation Sequencing Assays.

The Journal Of Molecular Diagnostics : Jmd
Sims, David J DJ; Harrington, Robin D RD; Polley, Eric C EC; Forbes, Thomas D TD; Mehaffey, Michele G MG; McGregor, Paul M PM; Camalier, Corinne E CE; Harper, Kneshay N KN; Bouk, Courtney H CH; Das, Biswajit B; Conley, Barbara A BA; Doroshow, James H JH; Williams, P Mickey PM; Lih, Chih-Jian CJ
Publication Date: 2016-05

Variant appearance in text: BRAF: 2250del
PubMed Link: 27105923
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