BRAF c.2163G>T ;(p.L721F)

Variant ID: 7-140434535-C-A


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Genomic Profiling of Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid in Lung Cancer.

Cancer Research
Nair, Viswam S VS; Hui, Angela Bik-Yu AB; Chabon, Jacob J JJ; Esfahani, Mohammad S MS; Stehr, Henning H; Nabet, Barzin Y BY; Zhou, Li L; Chaudhuri, Aadel A AA; Benson, Jalen J; Ayers, Kelsey K; Bedi, Harmeet H; Ramsey, Meghan M; Van Wert, Ryan R; Antic, Sanja S; Lui, Natalie N; Backhus, Leah L; Berry, Mark M; Sung, Arthur W AW; Massion, Pierre P PP; Shrager, Joseph B JB; Alizadeh, Ash A AA; Diehn, Maximilian M
Publication Date: 2022-08-16

Variant appearance in text: BRAF: L721F
PubMed Link: 35748739
Variant Present in the following documents:
  • can-22-0554_supplementary_data_suppst1-st9.xlsx, sheet 5
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Circulating tumour DNA sequence analysis as an alternative to multiple myeloma bone marrow aspirates.

Nature Communications
Kis, Olena O; Kaedbey, Rayan R; Chow, Signy S; Danesh, Arnavaz A; Dowar, Mark M; Li, Tiantian T; Li, Zhihua Z; Liu, Jessica J; Mansour, Mark M; Masih-Khan, Esther E; Zhang, Tong T; Bratman, Scott V SV; Oza, Amit M AM; Kamel-Reid, Suzanne S; Trudel, Suzanne S; Pugh, Trevor J TJ
Publication Date: 2017-05-11

Variant appearance in text: BRAF: 2163G>T
PubMed Link: 28492226
Variant Present in the following documents:
  • ncomms15086-s3.xlsx, sheet 1
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