BRAF c.2128-37C>T

Variant ID: 7-140434607-G-A


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Case Report: A Variant Non-ketotic Hyperglycinemia With GLRX5 Mutations: Manifestation of Deficiency of Activities of the Respiratory Chain Enzymes.

Frontiers In Genetics
Feng, Wei-Xing WX; Zhuo, Xiu-Wei XW; Liu, Zhi-Mei ZM; Li, Jiu-Wei JW; Zhang, Wei-Hua WH; Wu, Yun Y; Han, Tong-Li TL; Fang, Fang F
Publication Date: 2021

Variant appearance in text: BRAF: 2128-37C>T; rs760743162
PubMed Link: 34054912
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