BRAF c.1978A>G ;(p.N660D)

Variant ID: 7-140449101-T-C


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Machine Learning Detects Pan-cancer Ras Pathway Activation in The Cancer Genome Atlas.

Cell Reports
Way, Gregory P GP; Sanchez-Vega, Francisco F; La, Konnor K; Armenia, Joshua J; Chatila, Walid K WK; Luna, Augustin A; Sander, Chris C; Cherniack, Andrew D AD; Mina, Marco M; Ciriello, Giovanni G; Schultz, Nikolaus N; , ; Sanchez, Yolanda Y; Greene, Casey S CS
Publication Date: 2018-04-03

Variant appearance in text: BRAF: 1978A>G
PubMed Link: 29617658
Variant Present in the following documents:
  • NIHMS958974-supplement-5.xlsx, sheet 1
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