BRAF c.1941T>G ;(p.Y647*)

Variant ID: 7-140449138-A-C


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Exome and genome sequencing of nasopharynx cancer identifies NF-κB pathway activating mutations.

Nature Communications
Li, Yvonne Y YY; Chung, Grace T Y GT; Lui, Vivian W Y VW; To, Ka-Fai KF; Ma, Brigette B Y BB; Chow, Chit C; Woo, John K S JK; Yip, Kevin Y KY; Seo, Jeongsun J; Hui, Edwin P EP; Mak, Michael K F MK; Rusan, Maria M; Chau, Nicole G NG; Or, Yvonne Y Y YY; Law, Marcus H N MH; Law, Peggy P Y PP; Liu, Zoey W Y ZW; Ngan, Hoi-Lam HL; Hau, Pok-Man PM; Verhoeft, Krista R KR; Poon, Peony H Y PH; Yoo, Seong-Keun SK; Shin, Jong-Yeon JY; Lee, Sau-Dan SD; Lun, Samantha W M SW; Jia, Lin L; Chan, Anthony W H AW; Chan, Jason Y K JY; Lai, Paul B S PB; Fung, Choi-Yi CY; Hung, Suet-Ting ST; Wang, Lin L; Chang, Ann Margaret V AM; Chiosea, Simion I SI; Hedberg, Matthew L ML; Tsao, Sai-Wah SW; van Hasselt, Andrew C AC; Chan, Anthony T C AT; Grandis, Jennifer R JR; Hammerman, Peter S PS; Lo, Kwok-Wai KW
Publication Date: 2017-01-18

Variant appearance in text: BRAF: Y647*
PubMed Link: 28098136
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  • ncomms14121-s5.xlsx, sheet 1
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