BRAF c.1790_1791delinsAT ;(p.L597H)

Variant ID: 7-140453144-TA-AT


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NRAS and EPHB6 mutation rates differ in metastatic melanomas of patients in the North Island versus South Island of New Zealand.

Jones, Angela M AM; Ferguson, Peter P; Gardner, Jacqui J; Rooker, Serena S; Sutton, Tim T; Ahn, Antonio A; Chatterjee, Aniruddha A; Bickley, Vivienne M VM; Sarwar, Makhdoom M; Emanuel, Patrick P; Kenwright, Diane D; Shepherd, Peter R PR; Eccles, Michael R MR
Publication Date: 2016-07-05

Variant appearance in text: BRAF: L597H
PubMed Link: 27191502
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