BRAF c.1784T>G ;(p.F595C)

Variant ID: 7-140453151-A-C


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Serrated polyposis associated with a family history of colorectal cancer and/or polyps: The preferential location of polyps in the colon and rectum defines two molecular entities.

International Journal Of Molecular Medicine
Silva, Patrícia P; Albuquerque, Cristina C; Lage, Pedro P; Fontes, Vanessa V; Fonseca, Ricardo R; Vitoriano, Inês I; Filipe, Bruno B; Rodrigues, Paula P; Moita, Susana S; Ferreira, Sara S; Sousa, Rita R; Claro, Isabel I; Nobre Leitão, Carlos C; Chaves, Paula P; Dias Pereira, António A
Publication Date: 2016-09

Variant appearance in text: BRAF: F595C
PubMed Link: 27430658
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