BRAF c.1726G>C ;(p.D576H)

Variant ID: 7-140454002-C-G


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Custom multi‑tumor next‑generation sequencing panel for routine molecular diagnosis of solid tumors: Validation and results from three‑year clinical use.

International Journal Of Molecular Medicine
Chevrier, Sandy S; Brasselet, Astrid A; Carnet, Marion M; Chevriaux, Angélique A; Gibeaud, Anne A; Jourdain, Marine M; Mananet, Hugo H; Truntzer, Caroline C; Beltjens, Françoise F; Charon-Barra, Céline C; Arnould, Laurent L; Albuisson, Juliette J; Comte, Anthony A; Derangère, Valentin V; Goussot, Vincent V; Boidot, Romain R
Publication Date: 2022-05

Variant appearance in text: BRAF: 1726G>C; Asp576His
PubMed Link: 35244186
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  • Supplementary_Data2.xlsx, sheet 1
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