BRAF c.1695-90T>A

Variant ID: 7-140454123-A-T


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JAK-STAT signaling in inflammatory breast cancer enables chemotherapy-resistant cell states.

Cancer Research
Stevens, Laura E LE; Peluffo, Guillermo G; Qiu, Xintao X; Temko, Daniel D; Fassl, Anne A; Li, Zheqi Z; Trinh, Anne A; Seehawer, Marco M; Jovanovic, Bojana B; Aleckovic, Masa M; Wilde, Callahan M CM; Geck, Renee C RC; Shu, Shaokun S; Kingston, Natalie L NL; Harper, Nicholas W NW; Almendro, Vanessa V; Pyke, Alanna L AL; Egri, Shawn B SB; Papanastasiou, Malvina M; Clement, Kendell K; Zhou, Ningxuan N; Walker, Sarah S; Salas, Jacqueline J; Park, So Yeon SY; Frank, David A DA; Meissner, Alexander A; Jaffe, Jacob D JD; Sicinski, Piotr P; Toker, Alex A; Michor, Franziska F; Long, Henry W HW; Overmoyer, Beth A BA; Polyak, Kornelia K
Publication Date: 2022-11-21

Variant appearance in text: BRAF: 1695-90T>A; rs71645987
PubMed Link: 36409824
Variant Present in the following documents:
  • can-22-0423_supplementary_table_s3_suppst3.xlsx, sheet 1
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Whole genome sequencing identifies high-impact variants in well-known pharmacogenomic genes.

The Pharmacogenomics Journal
Choi, Jihoon J; Tantisira, Kelan G KG; Duan, Qing Ling QL
Publication Date: 2019-04

Variant appearance in text: rs71645987
PubMed Link: 30214008
Variant Present in the following documents:
  • NIHMS1503453-supplement-3.xlsx, sheet 1
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