BRAF c.1669G>C ;(p.A557P)

Variant ID: 7-140476737-C-G


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Integrative pan-cancer genomic and transcriptomic analyses of refractory metastatic cancer.

Cancer Discovery
Pradat, Yoann Y; Viot, Julien J; Yurchenko, Andrey A AA; Gunbin, Konstantin K; Cerbone, Luigi L; Deloger, Marc M; Grisay, Guillaume G; Verlingue, Loic L; Scott, Veronique V; Padioleau, Ismael I; Panunzi, Leonardo L; Michiels, Stefan S; Hollebecque, Antoine A; Jules-Clement, Gerome G; Mezquita, Laura L; Laine, Antoine A; Loriot, Yohann Y; Besse, Benjamin B; Friboulet, Luc L; Andre, Fabrice F; Cournede, Paul-Henry PH; Gautheret, Daniel D; Nikolaev, Sergey I SI
Publication Date: 2023-03-02

Variant appearance in text: BRAF: 1669G>C
PubMed Link: 36862804
Variant Present in the following documents:
  • cd-22-0966_supplementary_tables_s1-s11_suppst1.xlsx, sheet 6
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