Variant ID: 8-133894148-AG-GC


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Generation of a Novel High-Affinity Antibody Binding to PCSK9 Catalytic Domain with Slow Dissociation Rate by CDR-Grafting, Alanine Scanning and Saturated Site-Directed Mutagenesis for Favorably Treating Hypercholesterolemia.

Bai, Zhengli Z; Xu, Menglong M; Mei, Ying Y; Hu, Tuo T; Zhang, Panpan P; Chen, Manman M; Lv, Wenxiu W; Lu, Chenchen C; Tan, Shuhua S
Publication Date: 2021-11-27

Variant appearance in text: TG: R227A
PubMed Link: 34944600
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