PMID: 30381540

Candidate gene polymorphisms related to lipid metabolism in Asian Indians living in Durban, South Africa.

The Indian journal of medical research
T Maistry, M Gordon, B Sartorius, DP Naidoo

8 variants were identified in this publication

Variant ID Gene cDNA Protein Consequence Exon Intron
3-186570892-T-G ADIPOQ c.45T>G p.Gly15Gly Synonymous 2/3 -
3-186570892-T-C ADIPOQ c.45T>C p.Gly15Gly Synonymous 2/3 -
11-116661530-G-A APOA5 c.415C>T p.Gln139* Nonsense 4/4 -
7-127894625-C-T LEP c.313C>T p.Arg105Trp Missense 3/3 -
8-19819724-C-G LPL c.1421C>G p.Ser474* Nonsense 9/10 -
11-116662303-C-T APOA5 c.160G>A p.Ala54Thr Missense 3/4 -
16-56996288-G-A CETP c.118+279G>A - IntronicSNV - 1/15
7-94937446-T-C PON1 c.575A>G p.Gln192Arg Missense 6/9 -