PMID: 32908416

Identification of MC1R SNPs and their Association with Plumage Colors in Asian Duck.

The journal of poultry science
H Sultana, DW Seo, HB Park, NR Choi, R Hoque, SA Bhuiyan, KN Heo, SH Lee, JH Lee

7 variants were identified in this publication

Variant ID Gene cDNA Protein Consequence Exon Intron
13-95121219-T-C DCT c.376A>G p.Ile126Val Missense 2/10 -
16-89986042-A-G MC1R c.376A>G p.Ser126Gly Missense 1/1 -
13-95118051-TC-AT DCT c.698_699delGAinsAT p.Arg233His Missense 4/10 -
13-95131414-C-T DCT c.96G>A p.Val32Val Synonymous 1/10 -
16-89985962-T-C MC1R c.296T>C p.Leu99Pro Missense 1/1 -
16-89986315-C-T MC1R c.649C>T p.His217Tyr Missense 1/1 -
16-89986075-G-A MC1R c.409G>A p.Ala137Thr Missense 1/1 -