Variant ID: 1-55514073-C-G


This variant was identified in 1 publication


Effects of PCSK9 genetic variants on plasma LDL cholesterol levels and risk of premature myocardial infarction in the Italian population.

Journal Of Lipid Research
I Guella, R Asselta, D Ardissino, PA Merlini, F Peyvandi, S Kathiresan, PM Mannucci, M Tubaro, S Duga
Publication Date: 2010-11

Variant appearance in text: rs2479412
PMID: 20699424
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Alternative transcript annotations:

Transcript cDNA Protein Consequence Exon Intron
ENST00000302118.5 c.523+1754C>G - intron_variant - 3/11
ENST00000452118.2 c.523+1754C>G - intron_variant - 3/5
ENST00000543384.1 c.-77-3878C>G - intron_variant - 1/9
NM_174936.4 c.523+1754C>G - intron_variant - 3/11
NR_110451.1 n.183-3878C>G - intron_variant,non_coding_transcript_variant - 1/9