Variant ID: 1-55523121-T-G


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A Single Kinase Generates the Majority of the Secreted Phosphoproteome.

VS Tagliabracci, SE Wiley, X Guo, LN Kinch, E Durrant, J Wen, J Xiao, J Cui, KB Nguyen, JL Engel, JJ Coon, N Grishin, LA Pinna, DJ Pagliarini, JE Dixon
Publication Date: 2015-06-18

Variant appearance in text: PCSK9: S372A
PubMed Link: 26091039
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Alternative transcript annotations:

Transcript cDNA Protein Consequence Exon Intron
ENST00000302118.5 c.1114T>G p.Ser372Ala missense_variant 7/12 -
ENST00000490692.1 n.1838T>G - non_coding_transcript_exon_variant 4/8 -
ENST00000543384.1 c.514T>G p.Ser172Ala missense_variant 5/10 -
NM_174936.4 c.1114T>G p.Ser372Ala missense_variant 7/12 -
NR_110451.1 n.773T>G - non_coding_transcript_exon_variant 5/10 -